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About the Authors

Kindergarten Ro

Rowena McKernan holds a Bachelor’s in Religion & Culture (Western Washington University) and a Master’s in Library and Information Science (University of British Columbia). Since 2010, Rowena has worked as a librarian at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington teaching basic information literacy skills to students as well as developing open source projects for academic libraries. She had a chapter published in More Library Mashups titled “Curating API Feeds to Display Open Library Book Covers in Subject Guides” and is currently working on growing copyright and open education awareness on campus. She has participated in many Open Education grant projects, such as the Open Course Library, Project I-DEA and Library as Open Education Leader. She can be found online at http://Whatlibrarian.com.

Pic 2Tria Skirko holds a Bachelor’s in Humanities (Western Washington University), a Washington State Teaching Certificate (Heritage University), and a Master’s in Library and Information Science (University of Washington). Since 2010, Tria has worked as a librarian at Wenatchee Valley College in Omak, Washington.  During that time she has gained extensive experience in developing and delivering library and information literacy curriculum to community college students.  She has also participated in many Open Education grant projects, such as the Open Course Library and Project I-DEA.  Her future plans include transferring her whole campus over to an OER textbook world, but she’ll probably start with identifying a few courses/instructors and working up to that particular goal.

Quill_BookQuill West holds a Bachelor’s in Humanities (Marylhurst University), a Master’s in Library Science (Emporia State University), and a Master’s of Art in Interdisciplinary Studies (Marylhurst University). She has been an open education advocate and supporter for several years. Quill worked as an Electronic Resources and Instruction Librarian at Walla Walla Community College, where she cut her teeth in OE by working on the Open Course Library Project for two cycles. Quill grew her open education experience as she worked  as the Open Education Project Director at Tacoma Community College and on Project IDEA. In 2015, Quill won the Open Education Consortium Leadership Award for Open Education Excellence. Currently Quill is the OE Project Manager at Pierce College, serves as the president of the Community College Consortium for OER, and is the activities manager for the Library as Open Education Leader Grant. Quill has been at the forefront of open education adoption in Washington State and nationally.



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